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“KISS,” “DRY”, “YAGNI,” and more

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Being a good programmer is a mix of skills and some common sense. It is all about being pragmatic and knowing what is the solution that fits better your problem. When facing a challenge, there are some software principles that will guide you in choosing the most correct approach.


Top highlights of a game-changing release

next.js 12
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The Next.js framework was created by Vercel in 2016. It started as a server-side rendering-focused framework. It has gradually evolved since. Now it is a complete suite to build blazing fast React apps. It is developer-friendly and intuitive to use. Here are its strongest features:

  • Page-based routing
  • Hybrid pages
  • Environment…

Comparing key features of Observables and Promises

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JavaScript is a single-threaded, non-blocking, and asynchronous concurrent language. That means that JavaScript’s engine doesn’t sit and wait for statements to finish. Instead, it moves to the next statement.

How can we rely on results from asynchronous functions? In the early stages, callbacks were the only available approach. …

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